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About Us

Fulcrum Wealth is a privately owned wealth management company situated in Sydney with a dedicated focus on providing personalised financial advice to individuals and families.

We are passionate about investing and protecting our clients’ wealth at all life stages.

We provide specialist advice in the following areas:

  • Wealth creation and preservation
  • Investment structuring
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance


At Fulcrum Wealth we believe that building and preserving wealth requires a long-term, disciplined approach.  Through conservative investment selection, diversification, and risk management we help our clients to achieve their financial goals and ultimate lifestyle objectives.

We believe that listening to and understanding our clients’ needs is the key to achieving a mutually rewarding long-term relationship.

We regard transparency in fees and reporting to be essential in developing a trusted partnership with our clients


Client Focus At Fulcrum Wealth we are dedicated to servicing client needs and objectives, providing tailored solutions with outstanding client management, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Integrity A value for which there can be no compromise. We act openly, honestly, and professionally.

Performance   We promote excellence through setting the highest personal and professional standards.

Collaboration We encourage open and honest communication with our staff and clients.


We have developed a 5 stage process that will identify your needs and objectives, develop a foundation that creates a basis for the strategy going forward, and review and make changes where appropriate as circumstances and conditions evolve.

Fulcrum Wealth 5 Stage Process

Stage 1 – We have an initial meeting and discussion with you to understand what you are looking for including a summary of your current position. We also introduce our business to you, discuss what services we offer and how we may be able to assist you, and answer any questions you may have.

Stage 2 – This often happens at the second meeting and is both an information gathering meeting and a time to explain any investment and insurance concepts. We discuss your goals and objectives, investment timeframe, risk profile, and obtain any other financial or personal information that is required.

Stage 3 – A personal statement of advice is provided to you that explains our understanding of your current position and then provides recommendations for future strategies together with any investment and insurance recommendations. We provide supporting documentation, research, quotes, and details of fees and costs at this stage.

Stage 4 – Once you are satisfied with the advice we will implement the recommendations contained in the statement of advice. The actual implementation may be staged over a period of time depending on personal circumstances and market conditions at the time.

Stage 5 – The first 4 stages are the start of the journey and we believe in providing advice to clients on an ongoing basis. Personal and family circumstances change and this requires additional advice. We look to partner with you through life’s constant changes.

Investment Approach

“Market timing and security selection are obviously important. The problem is that nobody achieves long-term success in the former, and almost nobody in the latter. Asset allocation is the only factor affecting your investments you can actually influence.”  William Bernstein

We pride ourselves on being careful and conservative wealth managers with a focus on building client wealth through a diligent and sound investment approach supported by a robust research process.

Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation Strategic asset allocation is based on widely practiced modern portfolio theory. We believe that the construction of an efficient strategic asset allocation is a fundamental starting point for a client’s portfolio. The asset allocation involves estimating the expected risk and return of various assets together with the correlation of these assets and the constructing a portfolio that achieves a level of return with the lowest level of portfolio risk.

Tactical Asset Allocation Tactical asset allocation is a form of active management with the aim of adding value through adjustments to the portfolio benchmark asset allocation exposures. We consider your asset allocation during the ongoing review and recommend changes based on our current market views of the relative risk/return tradeoffs between assets


There is risk inherent in all investments and it is not possible to eliminate all investment risk. A key strategy to manage this risk is through diversification. Diversification involves the spreading of financial risk across several different investments to reduce the probability of large losses in a portfolio.

Diversification can be achieved in a number of ways. Some examples include:

  • Holding different asset classes in your portfolio.
  • Having a number of different investments within each asset class.
  • Investing in local and overseas companies.